Learning to Love the One You're With

A guide for young couples, detailing how to live happy and in Christ. Topics include: Learning to live through tough times; Creating a healthy sex life; Handling money wisely; Choosing to put God first in marriage; and Being faithful for a lifetime.

Leaders That Last: How Covenant Friendships Can Help Pastors Thrive

Thousands of ministers burn out every year; others fall prey to sexual temptation. With piercing honesty, Leaders that Last dismantles stale stereotypes about pastors and offers hope for handling their recurring, daily struggles. Co-authored by a minister who admits to struggling with periodic bouts of depression, this practical resource offers a hopeful message for pastors of every denomination.

Seeing in the Dark

When two people say “I do” they want it to mean forever. But in these days of no-fault divorce and self-centered lifestyles, creating and sustaining a loving and committed marriage is no easy matter.

Honey, I Shrunk Jesus

The Gospel is ridiculously simple and crazy amazing: Jesus plus nothing changes everything. Jesus plus something makes Jesus and his perfect work less than everything.

Angels Dark & Light

In Angels Dark and Light, Gary Kinnaman provides a thoroughly biblical guide to the world of angels. He pulls back the curtain on this fascinating supernatural phenomenon, exploring the nature and purpose of these heavenly encounters. He includes stories about ordinary people who have experienced angelic visitors and answers questions like: Are the angels always on our side?

Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

When it comes to matters of faith, even the most intelligent people can slip up sometimes. Frustrated by our attempts to wrap our limited mind around the Infinite, we may forget who God is and what he’s like… and engage in a kind of “spiritual” wishful thinking.

Praise & Worship

In this short, readable and inspiring book, top-selling author and pastor Gary Kinnaman explains the purpose, power and practicalities of praise and worship in the Christian life. Readers will take away not only an eye-opening understanding of worship, but will also learn how to enter into expressive praise both at church and home. And the book shows us how to extend worship into our daily routines.

Winning Your Spiritual Battles

How to use the full armor of God.

Experiencing the Power of the Cross

Today the cross is the most visible icon on the planet. But for the billion who recognize the image, how many grasp its significance? Using illustrations from contemporary culture, Gary Kinnaman unlocks the mystery of the Cross as an encounter with the living Christ, as a portal of escape from the world’s matrix and into actual reality. Based on Jesus’ claim to be “the way and the truth and the life,” Experiencing the Power of the Cross shows how our faith journey (The Way) brings us into God’s reality (The Truth) and gives us ultimate wholeness (The Life).

My Companion Through Grief

Comfort for your darkest hours


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